About Us

chemlube-head-officeChemlube International LLC is one of the leading independent companies engaged in the global trading and distribution of base oils. We are also a blender and distributor of high quality finished lubricants from our U.S. blending and terminal facilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with competitively priced, quality base oils and lubricants to meet their specific requirements. Chemlube's skilled base oil professionals can identify and procure the right product to meet our customers' most demanding requirements. Our experienced logistics professionals ensure the product arrives on time and within specifications.

Established in 1989, Chemlube, based in Harrison, NY, and its sister company Chemlube S.A. (formerly known as Sopetra S.A.), based in Switzerland, maintain a representative office in Moscow and a worldwide network of agents in Mexico, Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East.
 Our international network of offices and agents allows us to work closely with our customers around the world to ensure that they receive the highest quality products and service.
 We give the highest priority to understanding and satisfying the unique requirements of each individual customer.

Chemlube benefits from the financial and commercial strength of its 50% shareholder, Chemoil Energy Ltd.(www.chemoil.com), a leading supplier of bunker fuels to the maritime industry.

Chemlube cooperates with leading base oil producers around the world in the international distribution and marketing of base oils. We serve customers in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East. Our international base oil trading activity includes complete logistics and customs support and market advice. We can undertake either short term or long term commitments, depending upon the needs of our customers. Chemlube also offers customized blending, and can arrange for inland transport services by rail and tank truck. As part of our base oil trading operations, Chemlube maintains storage facilities in Savannah, Georgia, Brownsville, Texas, and Antwerp, Belgium.

In the United States, Chemlube's blending operations are located in Savannah, Georgia, at the Epic Midstream LLC and Colonial Terminals Inc. facilities. The Epic Midstream facility has access to deep-water berths to allow for imports of base oils on large oceangoing tankers. We also source base oils from domestic North American refineries. Chemlube's Savannah blending plants produce a full range of high quality competitively priced engine oils and industrial lubricants. Chemlube manufactures its lubricants using licensed formulations resulting in highly reliable performance characteristics. (Specifications for these lubricants can be found elsewhere on this site). In addition to finished lubricants, Chemlube's Savannah operations offer Chemlube 100N through Chemlube 600N grades of base oil and all viscosities in between. These base oils can be transported to customers by tank truck and rail car. They are well suited to formulate a wide variety of automotive and industrial lubricants as well as diluents for additives and process oil applications.